Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The BAD NEWS first. No matter how I count up the votes, I lost the election. I voted sooo many times I lost track: Absentee, early, write in, cross-districts, cross county, cross state lines....and I still lost. You can count on your fingers and toes the total number of votes I got. Bummer!
The GOOD NEWS? I finished my JUNGLE RULES manuscript last night while watching the national returns. It was easy, every time one of my candidates lost, I would bump off one more mutt. I'll have to re-read the last two chapters to get the body count, but man-o-man what an ending. Now comes the hard the entire manuscript to make sure there are no loose ends, dangling participles, some dame I forgot to kiss goodbye, where I hid the loot, what happened to the know, important stuff.
Fellow writers: WRITE, WRITE, WRITE, write your way out of writers block.

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