Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Mickey Spillane
This is it folks, the old domino theory. The Bricks and Mortar book stores are going the way of the Berlin Wall. People are screaming for E-Books, more titles, more Authors, more...more ...more. What's going to happen next? Will B&N go down for the count, Books A Million is already looking a little thin on new book selections. What about the huge offerings from the Big Box Companies, Drug Stores, Convienance stores.... are they all going down for the count. Coming around the far turn is...Amazon, breaking away from the pack. My money is on Kindle and their Kindle Book Publishing programs. A small time guy like myself can get his novel out to the Amazon shopper with out the hassle of the New York Agent ignoring your quiries, the big Publishers are scrambling...Lions and Tigers...and e-books, Oh My. This Author is liking what he sees going on out on the street. Fire up those Kindles People, Turn on those Nooks, it's all EEEzy street coming our way