Monday, September 27, 2010


I was just on line doing research for an upcoming novel in the John Locke Thriller Series and came across one of the BEST websites I have found on gangs. The address is  and it is hot. Any questions related to gangs, they have the answers.
One of the most violent gangs in the U.S. today is the M.S. - 13 Gang, Mara Salvatrucha The gang originated in El Salvador following the civil war there in the '80's. Now they are everywhere, ruthless, deadly, and growing. Locke and load troops, one more threat to America.

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I shouldn't give away my trade secret to writing fast, hard hitting dialogue, but hey, I'm not stingy, and I like to read dialogue and narrative that hits you in the stomach, making you scream for more. The secret is music. Before I start writing a chapter or paragraph, or even a sentence, I'll think of what it is I want to accomplish with the words. Is it a chase sequence, a shoot out or fight scene, maybe a tender moment. Music does the trick, it sets the mental mood.
I want to share the music that helps my characters say and do their best. Go to my YouTube channel,  If these particular videos / songs don't do it for you, then create your own channel. It's fun, and i guarantee the words will flow.
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