Sunday, October 31, 2010


The problem with dying is that everything you tried to hide from others for all those years comes out. No more secrets, no more hiding , no more falsehoods. You're not there to deny or defend. For example, the photo to the right is of William F.Buckly's home office (Look close, you'll see Bill among the clutter). Who would have ever thought that such an unbelievable mind functioned among all that trash and garbage. I loved Buckley, with his head tilted back, nose in the air, the Haaavad accent, eyes a-flutter....and his writings, The father of Conservatism.
I wonder how many of his following knew of his thoughts on marijuana. Here is a quote from one of his many ramblings,

"Even if one takes every REEFER madness allegation of the Prohibitionists at face value, marijuana prohibition has done far more harm to far more people than marijuana ever could."

  WOW! that's from a side of Bill we never saw or read about.
I write about marijuana in my novels, not so much as REEFER MADNESS, but the money the sales bring in. The problem with legalizing MJ in California is that the law only frees up those over eighteen. The kids will still have to buy it on the street...the Mutts will still be out there making the big bucks, the Mexican Cartels will still be chopping off heads, and kids will still be going to the slam for a nickel or dime flop.
Now , if we had a law that dealers could be shot on sight, or have a hand cut off, or a big assed "D" for dealer tattooed on their foreheads, we might see some  slowing down in the trade.     

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