My name is Mike Pettit, Author,Writer, Novelist, Scribe, whatever. My alter egos, John Locke, Jack Marsh, Damian Wolf, Kimo Kanoa, and their pals live in my head 24/7, non-stop. They are like tracer rounds ricocheting around my brain. I know there are other like me out in the cyber world going though the same thing.

This is the go-to joint for everything suspense and mystery, a stake-out for writers that want to share their thoughts. Come on in, drop anchor, grab a cup of joe (or latte), and let's talk murder...or writing about it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Happy Birthday to all Marines.
Mike Pettit, 0341 Forward Observer.
Ist Bn, 3rd Mar
Sempre Fi, Until I die

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I just finished with Book #4 in the JOHN LOCKE THRILLER series, JUNGLE RULES. The last three chapters were tough to get through just to bring everything together. I did a fast edit on WORD and burned off a copy to read. When I write, I usually don't go back and reread as I go along. I know the main plot, characters, sub plots...etc, but until I read the final, I'm never quite sure if it is as good as I think it is going to be. Am I the only one that works that way? I always work to get the words down as they burn through my imagination, not even worrying about spelling or punctuation at that point...just get the words down on the pages. I know when I'm on a good run when my fingers are running about a mile behind my mind.
What are other techniques that can be used. The speed writing is fun, but cleaning it up afterwords is a chore. The first thing I plan to do when I win the LOTTO is hire an editor in-chief.