Tuesday, October 5, 2010


 What if all the fictional characters we read about in Action Thrillers were true? The Super Secret Covert Agent that deals only with the CIA Director, and the President, or the Computer Geek in the CIA basement that knows the "Backdoor" to every mainframe in the world, Or, how about the maverick agent that knows too much, and management wants to use extreme prejudice against him. 
What if they were true. As an author, I hope they are true. I hope the CIA is filled with secret cover shoot first, talk later agents, guys that are expert in close in Black Work, tough dudes with a cyanide capsule in  his molar, ready to crunch it when the opposition go for the gonads with battery cables.

The sad part is, I don't think we have these types. I think the majority are nine to five ho-hum civil servants that put in their twenty, and then double dip working nights for the U.S. Postal Service sorting mail. What a shame. The reality is that politics have the real doers and shakers shackled: No water boarding, no battery cables, no dirty names. My hero is the guy that thought up putting caterpillars in the solitary cell with that terrorist mutt that plotted the World Trade Center killings. That man should have received a medal, instead I'll bet he's sitting behind a cash register at a 7 Eleven somewhere.

Just imagine how things would be different if there really was a 007, or the Man From U.N.C.L.E., Or Bill Cosby in I Spy....Hell even Max in Get Smart, or Inspector Cluesoe 
Maybe we should out-source our spy business, get it out of the hands of the wonks and wussies, put it in the hands that are motivated by profit and watch the body count climb.
Meanwhile, I'll keep my guy, John Locke, out of D.C. and working bottom feeder cases, where the action is up close and personal, and the winner is the last man standing.

If some one at the CIA has a different slant on this, let me know. No Wimps though, no Rock-Paper-Scissor types, please.

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