Friday, October 8, 2010


Meet Sgt Alvin York, United States Army, Hero.
In France, during World War One, Sgt York and seven of his men were surrounded and outnumbered by the Germans in a small patch of woods. The Platoon Commander had been killed, and Sgt York took command. Low on ammunition, no help on the horizon, several critically wounded troopers. What's a Lad to do? Sgt York did what hundreds of other American Military heroes have done through countless wars and skirmishes', He attacked. Single handed, he killed twenty-eight German soldiers, and captured one hundred and thirty two others. It was reported that the Germans were so terrified of this one man's murderous rage that they threw down their weapons and surrendered. Sgt York, Soldier, Patriot.
Today's young heroes are still doing the same thing today around the globe. When in doubt, attack. Meanwhile, our citizens are at the Mall, watching Dancing with the Stars, and worried about their next Latte, being fed mind numbing BS about how it's America's fault for all the troubles in the world.
At some point, we will have burned up all of our Sgt York's, and then what?
Our enemies are at the gate, America, and they don't fight fair.
Rally to the Flag, Patriots.

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