Sunday, December 26, 2010


The insanity  required to write about murder and crime on a daily basis takes it's toll on normal people. I, a thriller writer of five novels filled with murder, killing, action sequences that would make Bruce Willis cringe, find it most comforting. At the end of the day, I sleep like a ....dead man? My fifth book, JUNGLE RULES, will hit the Ethernet book stands in about ten days. It's very exciting to see one of my novels on amazon, B&N, and about two hundred other sites....  and people actually buy them....It's a miracle. BUT, I calculated up the hours spent, the frustration level, the act of killing so many people, the editing......gets me way less than minimum wage. I wonder if I could apply somewhere for a Fed hand out?
AND Face Book is driving me nuts. I get caught up in some conversation that's going no where and the next thing I know, Ive missed my word count for the day.
I try and do at least two thousand words per day. What do normal writers do? More? Less? I'm curious.

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