My name is Mike Pettit, Author,Writer, Novelist, Scribe, whatever. My alter egos, John Locke, Jack Marsh, Damian Wolf, Kimo Kanoa, and their pals live in my head 24/7, non-stop. They are like tracer rounds ricocheting around my brain. I know there are other like me out in the cyber world going though the same thing.

This is the go-to joint for everything suspense and mystery, a stake-out for writers that want to share their thoughts. Come on in, drop anchor, grab a cup of joe (or latte), and let's talk murder...or writing about it.

Monday, October 24, 2011



E-PULP, e-pulp, EPULP.  epulp …are  copyright properties belonging to Mike Pettit. The term is an inclusive description of a category of electronically published genre works which includes  written genre fiction of any length ( mystery, suspense , thriller, western, political, espionage) identifying the work as an electronic pulp work  ( as opposed to, say, a paper-printed pulp work) The term E-Pulp in all its forms may be used freely without permission in perpetuity.

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