Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My Suspense Thrillers take crime to the extreme in the murder sequences. I study real CSI data , review photos of  murder scenes, and have actually accompanied local Homicide Detectives to murder scenes as research. My focus in writing thrillers is the build up to the murder or crime, rather than what goes on afterwards at the scene. The story building up to the crime is what makes for a good read, the forensics afterwards is a very disciplined step by step recreation of the crime that is best left to experts. I think this is what separates a Police Procedural novel from a Thriller. The thriller builds the anticipation of the crime, and the procedural reconstructs the crime . Two totally different types of  writing thought processes
My point is that Thriller writing , while not as difficult to write as a Police Procedural, is more fun..We get to trash the place, the Police Procedural has to clean it up.

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