Tuesday, March 1, 2011


When I have writers block and can't seem to think of what to write next, I take a quick peek at my latest sales of my earlier novels, and that usually perks me up and the words flow from my finger tips. But, my sales are down, my fan base has maxed out at an even dozen, my web page is passed over, my blog sits idle, even my "Music to Write Thrillers To, You Tube channel is playing to an empty audience. Oh, woe is me. I sat feeling sorry for myself, thinking of my failure as an author, just when I was almost healed from my terrible experience at the Circus School in Sarasota, and my short lived gig as an actor with a local community group.... they changed rehearsal night, and never told me.
Well, I can handle the truth, I tell my self. The problem is not my writing, but my marketing effort. So I fired my agent, canceled my publishing contract and I'm taking matters into my own hands. I was a fool to think I could get full shelf price for my novels up against the BIG Guys that hog the shelves. So I am going ALL ebooks. I'm going after the guys that are willing to pump out a couple of bucks for a damn good read. I'm going where I can be a big fish in a big pond, where my peers are, where the industry is going, where a guy can make a enough to buy a six-pak every now and then and not worry about the electricity being cut off, maybe pay some back alimony.  So, watch out Amazon, look out Kindle...Iron Mike Pettit is coming out with a shoe shine and a smile. Willy Loman, eat your heart out.

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  1. Hey, I am reading your blog. So what if it's a month or so after your post date. Just because the crowd isn't hsouting back at ya doesn't mean we aren't listening! :)