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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


WHAT DOES A GUY HAVE TO DO TO GET NOTICED? I bought "BLOGGING FOR DUMMIES, Followed the instructions word for word, built a blog, pretty graphics, cool fonts, nice pictures...everything it said to do. Then I signed up on Face Book and have almost 300 friends, I have a website with my five Thriller novels on the site. I have "Followed"200 Blogs and try to write on several each day....and I still can't get followers. I need to know what I am doing wrong. It's driving me crazy. Other blogger's have followings and make it appear easy to get them to 'Follow". PLEASE, fellow bloggers, can someone tell me the secret to get followers. That damn book cost $14.95, I hope it wasn't money wasted.


  1. Photos like that OUGHT to get you SOME kind of following. Not sure if it's the kind you are looking for though . . .

  2. I think its the shoes Mike. Try different shoes.