Monday, September 27, 2010


I shouldn't give away my trade secret to writing fast, hard hitting dialogue, but hey, I'm not stingy, and I like to read dialogue and narrative that hits you in the stomach, making you scream for more. The secret is music. Before I start writing a chapter or paragraph, or even a sentence, I'll think of what it is I want to accomplish with the words. Is it a chase sequence, a shoot out or fight scene, maybe a tender moment. Music does the trick, it sets the mental mood.
I want to share the music that helps my characters say and do their best. Go to my YouTube channel,  If these particular videos / songs don't do it for you, then create your own channel. It's fun, and i guarantee the words will flow.
While your on my channel, leave me a message or subscribe. Let me know you stopped by. Spread the word about the site, and I'll do the same on yours

John Locke, aka Mike Pettit
Bottom Feeder Lawyer & Private Investigator, Mutt Target

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  1. Great selection! Very motivating.