Monday, September 13, 2010


There's a new gun in town and he's coming out shooting. All you slick tough guy wannabes look out, John Locke is the new tough guy you don't want on your tail. He will catch you, and when he does, look out. He's been sober five years and works the holding cells and court hallways scrapping up clients. When he's not bottom feeding as a lawyer, he moonlights as an investigator for clients who want to cruise under the radar. Don't expect having your rights read to you, it ain't going to happen. Locke makes up the law as he goes along, good and bad bleed together, innocent and guilt depends on who's holding the gun.
Locke lives in a three room dump over Uncle Fats Chinese Take-Out on Hawthorne Boulevard in L.A.. He minds his own business, pays his bills and makes his rent. When he witnessed a murder in the alley behind his apartment , his world rocketed into a nightmare of drug cartels, Chinese Triads, Gang bangers. When the smoke cleared and the cordite stink blew out with the Santa Ana winds, John was shot up, the bad guys were scratching their heads, and the loot had disappeared.
John's methods of getting the job  done caught the attention of the Chinese Triad Leader, Ralph Yee during the running gun battle through L.A.'s underbelly. The relationship that developed from that initial case, told  in John's first thriller novel, Honorable Revenge, has lead to some of the most breath taking action and suspense adventure to come along in  the Thriller Genre in years.
By the way, I'm Mike Pettit and I write of John's near-death antics and the characters that come in and out of his life like a tsunami of murder and crime across the globe.


  1. FANTASTIC! I'm going to Barnes & Noble right now and put in my order.

  2. I enjoyed it immensely. It was hard to put the book down. At times I caught myself laughing out loud and at other times was horrified at the goings on by the BAD guys. The story has it all especially a Great ending!!!! I've already ordered the second book and will definitely continue to look forward to all of John Locke's antics.

  3. Great Read!! I can't wait to receive The Body Broker.